The changing workday environment and impact on fitness routine

The working world is starting to return to a new version of normality with employers now reaching the Government led time frame to consider return to the office or how working from home will continue in the business environment. Men runningFor many, whether an employer, or employee, changes to working structures and enforcing a new working environment can cause stress and uncertainty. At Active Training World when work gets on top of us, we run! Sounds simple but we often find that this gives us perspective. Running might have been a lock down new therapy but can this continue with you if you need to return to the office?

Some work problems can’t be dealt with on a run, if they need more legal support and advice, we recommend our St Albans Half Marathon and 10K Partner, SA Law, they have a wealth of experience in employment law and are often seen pounding the pavements themselves. Set up a meeting to discuss any concerns you may have. Top Tips from SA Law on adapting to the return to an office environment include:

Communication is key: If you are returning and feel nervous about returning, let somebody know. Employers can help ease concerns by keeping everyone informed on what they are doing to keep staff safe, and being clear about the precautions staff should take.

Flexibility: This goes both ways; an adaptable approach ensures employees are comfortable with the new arrangements and that they’re being supported and listened to whilst supporting the needs of the business.

Optimistic approach: Focus on the positives about returning, such as being able to socialise with colleagues, and that some days in the workplace breaks up the week at home, or employee perks available at work.

Respect others: Everybody will feel differently about returning to their place of work. Ensure that a level of respect is maintained for those who might feel less safe about being in public spaces.

One of our runners, Al from Bedford comments: “Since lockdown I’ve worked from home which was hard to adapt to at first but I’ve soon climatised too and it’s given me loads more flexibility to run three times a week and sometimes more. Now I’m back traveling into London three day a week, I’m determined to keep it going, I take my running kit and found a local gym that I can use the showers in,”

SA Law is a full-service UK solicitors’ practice that can help with all legal aspects of your business and personal life. Their team of legal experts advises on all aspects of employment law including changes to contracts, flexible or agile working and redundancy situations.


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