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The events business is a fun place to work. Your competitors all want to be at your event, and the vast majority are happy to pay to be there! Therefore, go that extra mile for your competitors, and it will encourage them to enter your events again and again. Below are a few ways we can help with the chip timing for your event:

Chip Timing

We provide chip timing for events with 5500 competitors, 50 competitors and everything in between!

Registration Packs

There are many enjoyable aspects to organising events, but let’s face it, stuffing registration packs isn’t one of them! Our chip timing service includes us putting your reg packs together, so you don’t have to!

Online Entries

Event Chip Timing and ActiveTrainingWorld are fully integrated. This means you can take online entries right up to the day of your event and even on event day if you require.

Competitor Services

Competitors want to know their results as soon as possible. We can set up results kiosks where competitors can view and print their results, from two seconds after they cross the finish line. The race results are also published live online as competitors cross the line. These results can then be shared on social media platforms.

Live Web Results

Within 2 seconds of a competitor crossing the finish line, their result is published live,to the results website! If you are organising a triathlon with transition splits or a multi lap race, then spectators can track the times of their athletes, live during the race.

Remote Timing Points

All of our timing boxes have a built in WIFI connection, so as long as there is a signal we can capture data anywhere on the race course! This data is instantly published online and is visible out at the timing point, on the course.

Event Equipment

It would be impossible to list all the equipment we have available for your event but we have 4 large storage units packed with crowd control barriers, bike racking, gazebos, finish arches, timing clocks, swim buoys, tables, signage and much much more! We’re pretty confident that if you need something for your event then we’ll have it.

Commentator Displays

If you have a commentator at your event, then we can set up a timing point before the finish line, so they can announce the names and details of a competitor before they reach the finish line. They can also commentate on remote timing points out on the course, to let spectators know who is leading the race.

Fully Automated

Our timing systems and results software are fully automated and there are seamless links between online entries, the software, the results website and the social media platforms.


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