EZDisc create bike disc covers that give triathletes the aerodynamic benefits of a disc wheel without breaking the bank

Bike Discs that give you the benefits of a disc wheel with far less outlay. EZDiscs are easily fitted and removable, meaning you don’t need to splash out on two rear wheels to get big aerodynamic performance advantages.

Clinton Butcher, owner of EZDisc is excited to raise awareness of the performance wheel covers to such a keen community of triathletes. He describes them in more detail: “Disc wheels are more aerodynamic than spoked wheels and that means you will go faster when riding a disc than not, no matter what speed you ride at. How much faster really depends on what wheels you’re comparing them to and how fast you ride. As a rule of thumb, you could save between 30 seconds to two minutes in a 40km bike leg – and the slower you are, the more time you’ll save.”
“The biggest myth about disc wheels is that they are unmanageable in crosswinds. This is not true except for front discs which are highly dangerous to use on a windy day. A rear disc wheel will not react in the same way because it doesn’t sit under your steering axis, so it will only move as much as the rest of the bike does when subject to side forces. You will barely feel a difference compared with a normal spoked wheel. The real problem in crosswinds is with the front wheel, so don’t go too deep when it’s windy.”


Solid Disc Wheel Covers fit all 700c (622) + 650c rear wheels. Disc brake and rim brake compatible.

-Proven comparable to a disc wheel (Wind Tunnel Tested)
-No need to buy two rear wheels
-£ for £ Biggest speed gain
-Proven track record
-Ten minutes to fit and remove.

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