Frankie Durbin: my views on Women in Triathlon. 

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Earlier this week we chatted to Frankie Durbin, a regular face down at the Merchant Taylor lake, and avid ATW racer. As part of our #choosetochange #IWD2021 campaign we spoke to Frankie about her views on women in triathlon.

Frankie Durbin

1. Why do you do triathlon?
“Just because I love it! Training gives me headspace away from work and life and competition allows me to push myself to my limits which I love doing. As someone who gets bored easily, having 3 sports keeps it interesting and more enjoyable. It has also has allowed me to meet wonderful people around the world when competing.”

2. Why is female participation in triathlon important to you?
“I think it’s important for women to feel they can do triathlon if they want to. It is vital to have other women to train and compete alongside, to share experiences and progress together.”

3. Share a women’s empowerment moment that inspired you.
“I don’t really have a specific women’s empowerment moment that has inspired me, I just feel inspired when I see women doing things they love, not being embarrassed of their image or identity.”

4. Do people ever make assumptions of you regarding your gender? Either in your work or your sport?
“Occasionally I have noticed people assume I’m not strong enough to do something or intelligent enough and almost talk down assuming I don’t know something, however it’s never been something I have allowed to hold me back.”

5. Have you noticed the progression in gender equality in our sport?
“I think triathlon is one of the most equal sports to be honest. We compete across the same distances as men, in many cases prize money is equal and coverage of female triathlon has also increased over that last few years. There is definitely still work to be done but I find triathlon to be very inclusive for women.”

6. What would you say to other women in sport?
“I like to live by two quotes;
1) “believe in yourself, even when no one else does”
2) “well behaved women rarely make history”

So I would tell women to always believe in themselves, they are capable of extraordinary things and that if there is something in your way then carve your own path.”




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