Herts Fast 5K Race Report by Frankie Durbin

Racing the Herts Fast 5km was a bit of a last minute change in my race calendar. I am currently studying a medical degree and have exams looming so decided that racing a triathlon wasn’t the best idea right now so looked for a short local running event instead.

I arrived, registered and soon got warming up as I didn’t give myself a lot of time before the race start! It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying the warm Sunday morning and getting ready to race. A huge turn out from Dacorum was great to see and I wish I had tried a bit harder to find my own running club vest the night before (it’s been so many years since I last raced I have no clue where it’s gone!).

On the start line I headed to near the front of the pack as I was aiming for a fast-ish time and I soon noticed the sea of carbon shoes around me (mine very much lacking in any form of carbon!). I went off fast with everyone around me as I usually do but after the first small 1km loop I knew I would have to slow up slightly to cope with the heat and sun blazing down. Onto my first bigger loop I felt strong but slowed up and settled into a manageable rhythm. Concentrating on keeping good form and making use of the water station I found some extra speed in my final km and finishing straight. Everyone cheering along the course also really helped me keep going.

The course is super speedy and a great place to aim for PBs! Had it not been so hot I’m sure everyone could have gone slightly faster. I am usually someone who loves racing in hot conditions and copes well, but with lockdown keeping landlocked in England for the longest period of my life my ability to acclimatise to heat has disappeared.

Personally I am super happy coming away with 3rd female in a time of 21:27 as this is my post hip fracture PB! The race marked 18 months since starting to walk/run again, 2 years since the final operation on my hip and 3 years since finding out I had double hit fractures. Its been a very slow recovery for me for a number of health reasons, but I’m happy to be running (and competing in triathlon) again and even happier to be slowly edging back to towards a 20min 5km.

So all in all a great event, supported by a fab Active Training World team!
Already looking forward to my next race (once my med school exams are done)


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