Multisport Racing Fails : Are you guilty?

Athletes have been a bit rusty this year and even at our Championship and Qualifier races in 2021, we saw lots of rookie mistakes being made!

Here are the top 10 mistakes that we saw at our events this year – Do you recognise any?


  • Getting the location wrong – you’ve spent months preparing for this race, but you didn’t bother reading the final race info… and guess what… the postcode differs from Google maps!
  • Forgetting your membership licence – you’ve diligently renewed your Triathlon England membership but forgot to download the image to your phone… and why can’t you ever get any reception on your phone when you’ve got a huge queue behind you at the registration desk?!
  • Not enough time for racking – you stopped off en-route to the venue to grab a coffee from your favourite all night coffee shop, the traffic was a bit heavier than expected and now after registration, you’ve only got 10 minutes to rack your bike… PANIC!
  • Stuck in your wetsuit – 2019’s wetsuit was a bit snug when you bought it… and now it’s just a little bit tighter after all those months in the cupboard (We’re sure the wardrobe is to blame!)… “Anyone got any body glide?”
  • Last minute toilet trip – finally managed to get in the wetsuit… 15 minutes to go… and oh my goodness I now need the loo!!
  • Dude, where’s my bike? – You’ve just nailed the swim and you sprint into transition only to forget where your racking point is! Make sure you have a good look around you when racking and get some good permanent reference points for the location and don’t use another bike… it may not be there when you arrive in transition.
  • Helmet fail – those long-tailed aero dynamic helmets look ‘Oh so cool’ when on the heads of the professional but not so much when you put it on back to front… Doh!!
  • Shoe fail – You’ve been watching the professionals on TV who effortlessly sprint barefoot through transition and jump onto their bikes, slip their feet into their shoes and off they go… ZOOM! Unfortunately you forgot to practice this but still thought it was a good idea to try it out at your next race. The elastic bands fitted to the back of your shoes snap while you are running out to the mount line and any chance of getting your feet in to your bike shoes disappear as they spin round and round on the pedal.
  • Incorrect gears – You left your bike in the gear that you’ll need for flying along the flat part of the course at 25mph. Sadly the mount line is slightly uphill and you are doing about 5mph when you first jump on the bike, requiring the leg strength of Chris Hoy to get your pedals moving, as you wobble down the round heading towards oncoming cars!
  • Head over handle – Talking of mount lines, the line on the ground, the luminous signs, large flags and marshal wearing a high-vis top shouting at you all seem to be invisible as you fly towards the dismount line at high speed, causing you to slam on your brakes and perform a front-wheel endo that the kids hanging out in your local park would be proud of!

But on a serious note it does highlight some simple things that you could be practicing over the winter to make your 2022 triathlon and duathlon races go much smoother!

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