New Partnership Announcement: EZDisc

EZDisc becomes official wheel partner for Active Training World

This new partnership between EZDisc and Active Training World events as the Official Wheel Partner gives the triathlete or cyclist the perfect edge, at a fraction of the cost of a premium disc wheel. As Active Training World hosts professional, fast and competitive triathlon events, EZDisc is offering triathletes expertise and disc wheel covers that can take two minutes off a bike leg.

Triathletes taking part in triathlon events with Active Training World will benefit from product discounts, fitting service at large events and expert cycling videos supporting the race preparation.

Clinton Butcher, owner of EZDisc is excited to raise awareness of the performance wheel covers to such a keen community of triathletes. He describes them in more detail: “Disc wheels are more aerodynamic than spoked wheels and that means you will go faster when riding a disc than not, no matter what speed you ride at. How much faster really depends on what wheels you’re comparing them to and how fast you ride. As a rule of thumb, you could save between 30 seconds to two minutes in a 40km bike leg – and the slower you are, the more time you’ll save.”

“The biggest myth about disc wheels is that they are unmanageable in crosswinds. This is not true except for front discs which are highly dangerous to use on a windy day. A rear disc wheel will not react in the same way because it doesn’t sit under your steering axis, so it will only move as much as the rest of the bike does when subject to side forces. You will barely feel a difference compared with a normal spoked wheel. The real problem in crosswinds is with the front wheel, so don’t go too deep when it’s windy.”

Mike Jubb (ATW, Head of Events) has been a competitive cyclist, duathlete and triathlete for over 20 years and although he now focuses on bringing great events to others, he can still appreciate the value that this product brings: “No matter if you are training for a sprint triathlon or tackling a longer distance triathlon, like our Centurion or Grafman events, you invest a lot of time and energy in preparing yourself. If you don’t equip yourself with the products that will optimise your performance on race day, then you are letting yourself down. Unlike a premium branded disc wheel, an EZDisc cover gives you that performance benefit without breaking the bank.”


Read more about EZDic here and find your next triathlon here. Read more about the 10% discount and how to purchase EZDisc here.

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