November Lockdown Cycling Tour

This event is organised by Active Training World


This November (and now throughout December), ride the “November Lockdown Cycling Tour” in our 460km Lockdown challenge.

Your overall result will be based upon your total time to complete the 15 identified stages in Zwift. Stage times can now be submitted up until the end of December to give everyone a chance to complete the tour and also improve on their times.

Just like a Grand Tour, the stages vary in length from the 6.6km sprint round the Champs Elysees, the pan flat 17km race through the desert of the Tempus Fugit, to the high mountains of the 17.3km ‘Road to Sky’ climb up Alpe-de-Zwift, and the windy summit of the highest point in Zwift, Ven Top.

Your results will be based upon the official Strava segment for that route:

  • You will submit your time and Strava link as evidence for each route you complete at this link
  • The routes can be completed more than once to try and improve your overall time.
  • All routes must be ridden using a TimeTrial bike in Zwift to remove the benefit of drafting.
  • The routes can be ridden in any order.
  • The ATW team will be riding the routes throughout November, watch our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds for information if you wish to join us and be invited for a meetup. We may even have some of our celebrity friends join us too.
  • Please don’t cheat – we all know how to…..e-bikes on turbos, changing your weight to what you were in primary school, etc……its really not in the spirit.

In December, we will send out a unique November Lockdown medal to all those who have submitted their times for all 15 segments.

Once all 15 routes are completed, your time will appear on the leaderboard that we will update daily.

The 15 routes are:

1) Watopia – Big Loop forward – 42.4km

2) Watopia – Tempus Fugit – 17.3km

3) Watopia – Out and Back Again – 39.9km

4) Watopia – Road to Sky – 17.3km

5) Watopia – Sand and Sequoias – 20.1km

6) Watopia – Volcano Climb – 22.8km

7) Watopia – Big Foot Hills – 67.5km

8) Innsbruck – Achterbahn – 47.4km

9) London – London Pretzel – 55.6km

10) New York – Everything Bagel – 34.2km

11) Richmond – Richmond UCI Worlds – 16.2km

12) Yorkshire – Royal Pump Room 8 – 27.7km

13) France – Ven-Top – 21.8km

14) France – RGV – 24.1km

15) Paris – Champs-Elysees – 6.6km

Prices are £10 per entry (UK) £13 for overseas (to cover postage). The higher of a £1 / 6% service fee will be applied at the checkout.

How Does It Work?

Book your place between now and the end of November and you will have until 3 December to complete your stages and record your time.

Make it Real

Bring your tour to life by sharing your progress and pictures on your favourite social media channels tagging @eventsATW

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Book your place.

  • If you have previously used ATW to enter events,  your old registration details have now expired and a new account will be created for you when you book your first event without logging in. You will receive a Welcome email with a link to create your password.

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November Lockdown Cycling Tour UK Entry £10.00 (GBP)*  
November Lockdown Cycling Tour Overseas Entry £13.00 (GBP)*  

Price does not include booking fee