Running Reborn elevate Active Training World runners performance with a unique training opportunity

Running Reborn, an online members platform and running community created by best-selling author and movement specialist, Shane Benzie has partnered with Active Training World to help optimise their running experience. With many events left on the event calendar this year including triathlons, marathons, duathlons, 10ks and 5k runs it’s a great time for runners to embrace this new visionary advice.

Having worked with more than 3,000 runners of all capabilities over the last 10 years, using cutting edge technology and in-depth research into the perception of human movement, Shane has pieced together a running technique which enables each of us to tap into our body’s natural energy system and be the best runner we can be.

Shane Benzie comments: “Running is a skill, like yoga. It must be learned and practiced. How far you take your practice is up to you, for some it will be their professional career, for others a social pursuit, that distinction shouldn’t stop us from being the best we can be and enjoy it as much as possible.

Active Training World athletes can now learn to move beautifully and change the way you think about movement forever with Running Reborn. Sign up now and learn the techniques I’ve developed over the last 10 years by working with a variety of runners – from ultramarathon elites, to indigenous tribes all around the world.”

About Running Reborn

As a member, athletes have access to coaching videos with Shane which break down these running skills and tips on how to practice them. Members can also enjoy benefits, such as Training Plans, the monthly Q&A Webinar, discounts from other partners and insightful interviews with personalities from across the running world.

Sign up now to join the Running Reborn community and change the way you think about movement forever. By signing up through Active Training World you will get exclusive benefits, including Webinars with Shane and Tips on how to improve your movement.

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Notes to Editors:

Shane Benzie Background

Ten years ago, I was training with a group of elite runners, in Iten, East Africa. Their movement was unlike anything I had ever witnessed in the western world – it was fluid, synergistic, connected, almost elastic.

Intrigue and fascination inspired me to go on a journey to better understand what I had witnessed and learn how I could share it with others and change the way we run and move for the better.

I spent 10 years living with and observing the natural movement of indigenous tribes and researching athletes in Ultra races, parkruns and marathons from Peru to Cardiff through to the deserts of Morocco. I wrote about this journey in my book The Lost Art of Running.

Using cutting edge technology and in-depth research into the perception of our movement, I have been able to piece together a movement philosophy that is just like a forgotten language, which we are in danger of losing forever. What I have discovered is a little-known elastic system that we all have in our bodies.

After a number of years testing this movement philosophy with successful elite athletes and over 3,000+ runners of all capabilities, I’ve recognised that there just isn’t enough time for me to coach people in person, and to make the difference that I’d like to, in the way we run and move.

With the number of new runners growing all the time and, in an attempt to keep those people running and to encourage everyone to run better, I have launched Running Reborn – www.runningreborn.com

In creating Running Reborn, we have captured over 30 coaching techniques into small bite-size video learning sessions, which will enable runners to easily learn running skills, giving them tips on how to practice them.

The coaching films are complemented by two mini-documentaries featuring running journalist and author, Adharanand Finn, who wrote ‘Running with The Kenyans’, and James Earls, who is a leading bodyworker and expert in fascia, both of whom have influenced and inspired my research. There are also several films featuring some notable elite Ultra and Marathon athletes.

We will be constantly updating content with articles, research, every-day-runner stories and a constant stream of technique tips to ensure members have the latest insight and inspiration needed to master their running.

Many of the techniques featured in Running Reborn have been successfully adopted by an array of athletes, as described in The Lost Art of Running, and the Running Reborn way has something for every type of runner, from those just starting out, right through to elites.

I want to enable people to run more beautifully.
I want to be part of a movement that enables us all to change the way the world moves.


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