Setting goals to help you avoid injury.

Doug from Moveology, St Albans provides his tips on ensuring you don’t overdo it with your training, which can only lead to injury and time out of training, by setting goals.

In clinic I see so many athletes of all abilities who start a training plan, whether it be a couch to 10k or an Ironman Triathlon, and they’ve injured themselves early in their training by doing too much too soon. This can be avoided by setting achievable goals.

As well as reducing the risk of injury, goals can be a great way to give you purpose and focus with your training. The goal can be simply to complete a certain distance or a time driven goal. Perhaps you’re just starting out on your road towards better health and fitness and you want to feel healthier, loose weight, look better or just have some fun.

Whatever your reason goals will help you get there and keep you on track.

Things to remember when setting goals.
It’s always good to set 1 long term goal such as your ATW event. Then set several short term goals for you to reach along the way.
Think ‘S.M.A.R.T.’
Specific, “In 3 months I want to finish the ATW 10k at St Albans in under 1 hour. To beat my PB”.
Measureable, “To do this I need to run at 5:50mins/km to allow for any slowing towards end of run”.
Achievable, “To achieve this goal, do I have the time and fitness to achieve this goal?”
Realistic, “Is this goal realistic with my current lifestyle and current commitments?”
Timely, “What is the date I need to be ready to achieve my goal by? In this case the ATW St Albans 10k”.

Above all have fun, because goals are always achieved when you enjoy the journey along the way.

By following this I hope to only have to see you for Sports Massage to help you achieve your goals and not to help you recover from another training injury. If you need any injury advice, please come and ask us at your next ATW event.

Doug – Moveology, St Albans.

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