The mental washing machine – by SA Law

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The mental washing machine

Celebrating its 40th year, St Albans Half Marathon will take place on Sunday 12th June and will see around 5,000 runners take on multiple distances and for various personal reasons. It will be a joy to see so many runners gather and participate together. We all have different reasons or motivations for running. It may be for fitness, it may be social, or it could be looking after your mental health. Runners often talk about the ‘mental washing machine whirling around’ as they run. In a good way, it helps you process your day, think forward, reflect and sometimes even solve problems that had previously felt impossible.

All you need is the motivation to take those first steps and to don some running shoes. SA Law has seen many families running together in and around St Albans; for some it is a routine they developed since lockdown for some fresh air and to burn off some steam, and for others it’s a habit that gets passed down from parent to child. Nevertheless, it’s great to see. But not all families are able to enjoy this ‘picture postcard’ experience.

Behind the scenes a lot of families are struggling, divorce rates have gone up and children can get stuck in the middle. SA Law is a local law firm that specialises in supporting families with relationship breakdowns and issues related to children. SA Law wanted to partner with St Albans Half Marathon as they like how the community charity run and encourages so many of us to get outside, exercise, keep ourselves healthy and support each other. Many of SA Law’s legal advisors, employees and their families will be taking part and are happy to support multiple local charities including; The Living Room, Small Acts of Kindness, Up on Downs & The Ollie Foundation.

SA Law appreciates that not everything can be cured by a run. If you or someone close to you is experiencing a family breakdown, considering divorce or in the midst of a break up and would benefit from supportive and expert advice, the family team from SA Law can help you and give you answers to your questions which might help go some way in easing the way forward. Just like with running, often the first step can feel the hardest. That’s why SA Law have plenty of useful articles and guidance on their website to help you feel empowered and supported no matter your circumstances.

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