What’s in your marathon race day kit bag?

What’s in your marathon race day kit bag? This Easter weekend, Active Training World hosted one of the first races in the UK post lockdown#3! We were keen to see the focused-faces of our participants; many of which were plastered with smiles post-race, having achieved PBs on the fast and flat course around Dorney Lake, and picked up their well-deserved medals. After the race, we chatted to a number of the athletes about how they felt racing in this new world of COVID restrictions. Many of them came back that it was just exciting to be able to put their race shoes on with their club jerseys!

We also asked a number of our athletes what items of clothing and accessories were in their marathon race day kit bag. Here’s what they had to say:

Peter Goldring (@petegoldie on Instagram) expressed his enthusiasm for his Nike Vaporfly next% trainers. He wasn’t alone in wearing these light and bright shoes at Dorney Marathon – they were probably the most popular shoe today out on the course. “Everywhere you looked there were next% Vaporflys” said Peter. Like many, he believes Nike still have the edge with their bouncy, light and durable design despite other brands releasing similar shoes.


Peter then wears the @happystride shorts and socks (a personal favourite of our editor’s, purely because they look so fun!) Happy Stride are a new brand in the running world specialising in cool bright shorts, socks and leggings. They believe that running helps your mental health and make a donation from each sell to a mental health charity – what more could you ask for from a sports clothing brand. Peter reports that “their shorts have lots of pockets and a good inner short for support, plus come in lots of different cool designs” proving that functionality is also high up on Happy Stride’s priority list.

In terms of carriable nutrition, Peter takes Maurten gels – “I took one 45 mins pre-race and 4 during about every 35 mins and for me they are the best gel- they go down well and give you that energy you need”.

Pictured here in his marathon kit, including his Leigh-on-sea Striders club vest, Peter ran a 2:57 hour marathon; his 4th sub 3 hours marathon!

Jemima Bird (@thisbirdruns on Instagram) was another of our athletes that we spoke to about their marathon race day kit bag! Jemima wore a popular brand of shorts and skin top – Lululemon – expressing that the shorts have an impressive selection of pockets to carry all the gels she needs to complete her marathon race. Another essential for many female runners is a good sports bra; “a good sports bra is worth 4% in a marathon to a woman” reports Jemima and we have to agree! Jemima prefers the Puma running bra, but we would encourage all female athlete readers to recognise that this item of your kit bag (much like nutrition) is quite personal and can take some trial and error in finding what works for you!

Unlike Peter, Jemima’s nutrition was Clif blocks, finding them easier to digest and providing a good range of caffeine options for miles 15 onwards to give here that extra kick. Jemima also wore the Falke calf sleeves, which are “super comfy and do the job” as well as a Zaazee scunchie. The latter brand is a “great young British sports brand that I Iike to support”. Interestingly, Jemima wears a brand new paif of More Miles Running socks for each and every marathon she does – despite the well-known concept of never wearing or trying anything new on raceday!

Jemima Bird (@thisbirdruns on Instagram) ran a 6 min PB at Dorney Marathon in a time of 3:19:46.

Well done to everyone who raced! It was great to see everyone enjoying being back racing. If you have any questions about the kit in this article do feel free to message us on social media, or message these athletes!

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